Monday, November 28, 2011


It's not a secret that I'm moving.
Though, I haven't really updated the blog on how the move is going.

it's going
at a glacial pace.

Jer graduated his course in early August. The rest of his classmates had PCSd quickly after that. We were stuck in Monterey (Not a terrible place to be stuck, mind you.) but we were ready to move on since all of our friends had already left. So we FINALLY got out of the house mid-October when I left to go stay with my family while Jer went on to Omaha to do some kind of training that needed to be done before he left.

So being the hopeful, optimistic person that I am we bought plane tickets for Layla and I to join Jer in Omaha so we could spend some time with his family before moving across the pond.

Well we pulled the trigger too quickly.
His training is taking FOREVER. FOREVER.

He still hasn't started.

So time is being wasted.
Money & resources are being wasted.

& worst of all we have a 3 year old who is displaced & confused. She doesn't understand why she can't sleep in her bed. She doesn't understand where all of her toys & books are.

Moving around & living in temporary housing is tough on her.

Though I'm trying to make the best of it, this period of adjustment couldn't come at a WORSE time.

It's the holidays.

We should be in our own home with a Christmas tree lit up & decorated. All of my fun decorations spread throughout the house in every nook & cranny. I like to make this time of year a whimsical winter wonderland for Layla.

Last year was the first year she understood the concept of Santa & I was really looking forward to living the magic through her eyes this year.

I'm still trying my best to give her some of that magic, but seeing as how we don't have any more room in our luggage we can't get decorations for our temporary home & we can't get her any presents. So Santa is going to have to skip us this year, and the thought of that just devastates me. I love being Santa for my little girl. I love seeing her face in the morning.

So it's almost December & we're STILL not moved into a new place. We're still not even close to being in the country we're supposed to be making our new home in. This was supposed to be done September.

So please keep us in your thoughts. Send good Juju our way & hope that the Air Force stops this whole "hurry up & wait" business. It's wasteful, annoying, and difficult for families.

Off to dream of being on a plane making it's way to England.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a gifty gift of the best kind.

i love homemade gifts.
i especially love making gifts to give to loved ones.

lately many of my friends and family members have been having babies or are getting ready to have their babies, and in the midst of my stressful move i have been busy beavering away trying to get blankets made for the new babies.

one blanket turned out so perfectly peachy.
i just love these colors together.
i made this for my cousin MarLyn's baby. i don't think she reads my blog ever, so i'm safe posting this picture since she won't receive the blanket until Saturday at her baby shower.
doesn't it look so good?!