Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Squeeee!!!! *Dottie Angel Edition*

oh my goodness.
oh my so!

you have no idea how excited I am right now.

ever since I picked up the first issue of Mollie Makes magazine, I have been smitten with Dottie Angel. 
Dottie Angel is the alter ego of the queen of all thrifty & homemade goodness, Tif Fussel. 
after reading the article of her crafty life at Mossy Shed I've been obsessed!

okay. maybe 'obsessed' is too strong of a word, but her blog is my new favorite read.

Dottie Angel makes lots of crocheted goodness, but in my opinion her wrap aprons & messenger bags are the cat's meow! unfortunately at the time her etsy shop was on vacation, so I signed up for the email alert to I'd be notified the second she was back in business. 

after waiting all summer her shop finally opened. 
but alas, no aprons.
I waited, and waited, and waited, and then I finally gave in and sent her a message.
I wanted to have one before I big move overseas, and our move date is fast approaching. luckily she got back to me quickly & was planning to list a few the following weekend.

happy happy joy joy!

so that saturday afternoon I kept checking her shop to see if they were listed yet. 
they soon began to pop up & I waited until I was sure she had finished listing items.

then came the tough decision, which beautiful apron shall I purchase??

there were quite a few options, and each more darling than the next.
however, I finally settled on one I thought was darling & would look great while I housewife it up in the Sufflok countryside after our big move.

& then the happy day arrived (today in fact) when I opened my mailbox & found the wrap waiting for me to open!

oh happy day indeedy!

a beautiful thank you card from Tif & a card advertising her recently published book (something else I will probably be ordering in the coming months ahead.)

& my beautiful apron!
I love love love love love the flower of vintage fabric. 
I adore the large pocket.
I find each & every inch of this apron wrap to be simply adorable & it has found a great home where it will be very much loved & appreciated.


p.s. I know I just wrote an entire blog post on an apron, but I don't care. I love it to pieces & am overly filled with joy to have a Dottie Angel apron wrap in my possession.
If you too would like a Dottie Angel apron wrap or perhaps a messenger bag, or really any one of her masterful pieces you should check out her shop on etsy.

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  1. oh hurrah hooray Jen! you are so kind to write a whole post about your apron wrap, truly if i were an apron wrap i would feel most loved by reading this :)
    so delighte it all worked out with your move, i wish you the peachiest of times in Suffolk, a place i would very much like to live...
    happy travels!
    Tif x