Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day Out in Cambridge

one of the things i was most excited about when i found out i would be moving to England was the shopping opportunities i would have while here. i was mostly excited about going to thrift & antique shops, but one shop in particular that i was looking forward to was the Cath Kidston store! i looked up where the nearest one would be & it turns out it's only about 30 miles away in the city of Cambridge!!

so what did we do on our first Saturday in England? we drove ourselves to the outskirts of Cambridge where we parked our rental car & rode the bus into the city center. the little one was very excited to ride a big red bus, especially when we sat on the top deck & enjoyed the views out the large windows.

we weren't 100% sure where the CK store was located, but Jer said he had a pretty good idea. haha, i spent a good 30 minutes chasing after him & Layla because he was walking so fast while i was trying to take pictures. (tip for the wise: don't walk so fast if you don't know where the hell you're going.)
i finally made him slow down & stopped for a quick sec to look around & low and behold i found the store in the distance! it was completely in the opposite direction he'd been circling.

after i spent time browsing the store (& disappointed with the low limit Jer gave me to spend) i finally decided on which items to purchase & checked out. afterwards we went & walked around some more, a little more slowly this time so that i could take some pretty photographs to share with my family & friends. the entire city is just beautiful. it's mostly old buildings, but ever the newer ones have a sort of old spirit to them & they all mesh so well together. 

even if they didn't have the CK store to go to, i am sure we'd still be going to Cambridge often because there is so much shopping, eating, & sightseeing opportunities for us. it looked like there were a few walking tours with guides who have more information on the beautiful buildings & the history of the city. there were quite a few pubs & restaurants to eat at, but we ended up getting some sausages from a cart, they smelled way too good to pass up!

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