Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A project

My newest obsession as of late is to browse the Cath Kidston shop website & daydream of owning everything they have to offer. I am in love with all the prints, the fabric is just to die for, they offer a lovely selection of kitchen & other household goods, and I just love all the purses & wallets.

Alas, one has no use for that many purses & wallets (well I don't at least) so I am just letting myself browse for now. I've also decided to wait to purchase one after we get to our new home for there will be a CK shop in the nearby town of Cambridge. With that being the case I can save on paying shipping & pick it up in person. The hardest part is to go in & just buy a purse and a wallet. Maybe eventually I'll get a new tea set & splurge on some of her fabric as well.

So to satisfy the need for Cath Kidston in my life I have recently visited my favorite craft shop & purchased some lovely yarns inspired by the shades CK uses in her items. She keeps it simple only using a few hues so I was able to find some similar & am using them to crochet the niftiest of quilts. This will keep me busy for quite some time me thinks. I'll post pictures as I progress with this project.



  1. Hi Jenna! Exciting times for you with your upcoming move! And you'll find Cath Kidston everywhere in the UK, as you probably know. Just looking through your blog... am I correct that you'll be moving to Mildenhall? Have you come across Kat who blogs at http://3bedroombungalow.blogspot.com/ ? She lives near both Lakenheath and Mildenhall and she has all kinds of experience in that area!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the info! I'm getting more and more excited as we are getting closer to moving!