Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Announcement

There has been a lot of talk & interest in my etsy shop on twitter while I was in the process of moving. A lot of people have been anxious to purchase some of the yarny goodies that I make, and others seemed really interested in some patterns I posted & was thinking about making. I was planning on starting up shop as soon as I was settled here in England, but seeing as how it took about 3 months longer than planned, I don't think I'll be able to do this. The main reason being, winter is nearly over! The weather is starting to turn warmer, so there will be no point in anyone buying wrist warmers or thick cowls. 

So my plan is this: I'll spend all summer working on crocheted goodies & in August I will be adding everything to my shop window on etsy. That way things can be purchased in time for the chillly Autumn weather, & worn throughout winter to keep warm. Then I will add more pretty items to the shop window in time to be bought & given as gifts in the holiday season.

I greatly appreciate all of the people who have shown interest in buying the things I make with my own hands! It started out as a hobby to make things for myself, Layla, and to give away to friends and family as gifts. I'm very lucky that so many people love my work enough to want to purchase some for themselves!! Thank you for all of your kind words, and I will be posting pictures of the progress I'm making throughout spring and summer & will announce when I have an actual shop opening date!

x Jen


  1. Yah, glad we'll get to follow along with the process! =) And that way we'll remember when it is up and ready for us to buy!

  2. SO glad i have a jenna cowl to hold me over until the fall!!! :)