Saturday, February 11, 2012

I love England

I know that I have been complaining about a lot of things going on, but living in military temporary housing for 5 months & only having the items that fit in a suitcase will do that to a person. Also, finding out you don't have a choice of where you get to live & getting forced into a tiny home which results us having to get rid of some of our furniture can make a person a little grumpy. Though, I am attempting to not to be bitter. It turns out that I don't have to try that hard. I mean, I AM in England!! I'm in happy, shiny England!

My happy, shiny England:

  • Beautiful views: Even the 5 minute drive in between bases is filled with beauty. Everything is green, even though it is winter & everything is also half frozen.
  • Brick buildings: I love brick. I love old things, and I love beautiful things. Old, brick buildings are beautiful to me. 
  • Shopping: First, there is the Cath Kidston store not too far from me, plus I am very much looking forward to going shopping for antiques!! I've already discovered a 3 story antique store near here that I cannot wait to peruse. My only problem is that I don't have anyone to go with yet =( I wish Melissa was here!!
  • Snow: We didn't have snow in California where we lived. In fact, we didn't have any seasons in California where we lived. It was basically 60 degrees all year round & alternated between foggy days & sunny days. We now live in a place where we can experience all of the seasons again!
So these few things are what have me excited about living here. So far it's been great & I'm actually getting really excited to move into our house soon. We pick up the keys on Tuesday & will find out exactly how long after that our homegoods will be delivered. Keep your fingers crossed that it won't take too long for everything to be taken out of storage. 

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed & be lazy on my own couch! I cannot wait to start going through all the yarn I have packed away waiting to be turned into crocheted goodness!

I'm even warming up to the idea of living in this tiny place. I've even decided to name our home 'Tulip Terrace' because I love tulips & alliteration, plus it's a terraced home.

We're in the center home.


  1. I know it's been tough for you, but I think you have the right attitude. When things really start bothering you just remember, you're in England :)

  2. somehow your house looks bigger than mine...