Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Tough Mudder

Someone in Jer's office somehow convinced him to run a 12 mile race. It was not only 12 miles of running, it was also filled with 25 challenging obstacles in the MUD!! A few of them had live wires that electrocuted the participants as they went through!! I must say, it was pretty entertaining to watch!

The starting line in front of the lovely estate hosting the race

Marc, Jer, and Chris

Layla & Marc's daughter, they were buddies!

Wolverine, Captain America, and Spiderman are tough mudders!

This was right after the first obstacle, I think it was called 'kissing mud' or something silly like that.

Playing ring around the rosie while we waited for the guys to reach the obstacle.

Going through the 'electric eel' those orange wires were live and shocked them as they went through.

My handsome tough mudder!

We had a fun time watching the race. Spectating a tough mudder should be considered it's own sport! Layla & I were exhausted after all was said and done!! The estate hosting the race was vast & hilly!

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