Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Favourites!

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about her before, but it's been a while! Plus I've just received some new Katie Daisy prints that I need to show off!
I've made no secret of my hatred for the house the military has forced us into for our first 12 months abroad. Since moving in I have been trying my best to make it liveable. I can't do anything about the horrible plumbing, but I can make it a bit prettier! So I turned to one of my favourite artists & raided her etsy shop The Wheatfield for some prints to add to my collection.

The prints I already owned and love:

this is my "filled with joy" print in my living room. I have it hanging in my living room near my bookshelves because books fill me with joy!

These two prints are also in my living room. I love the colour scheme, they match pretty much everything in my house.

This is hanging in the hallway at the top of my stairs. I think this was the first print I bought from Katie Daisy. I was searching for Ralph Waldo Emerson inspired art on etsy and I was drawn to this print. That was when I found Katie Daisy and fell in love with her work. It was so hard to decide which print I wanted! I loved everything in her shop! I'm sure that one day I will own everything in her shop.

I picked this one because Jer loves astronomy and stargazing. This hangs in our bedroom near the book pages I embroidered with the Galileo quote "I have love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

This is one of my new ones! I was excited to order it because since moving to England we haven't really had much sunshine. We've had more rainy days than sunny days. I love the rain oh so much, so I've not had a problem with it. This print is just perfect for where we live!

These are the two other prints I ordered with the rain one. I've loved the ampersand since the first time I looked at Katie Daisy's shop. I don't know why it's taken me so long to order it, but I finally have it! These two still need to be framed, I have yet to find frames I like, but I can't wait to hang them & enjoy them everyday! 

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