Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ode to the Clouds

First off, let me say: THIS MAGAZINE ROCKS MY SOCKS! It is dandy & spiffy in every way! It makes me want to go flea market shopping for treasure & then go into creative mode to fill my home with whimsy & vintagy goodness. (Yes, I just made up & used the word 'vintagy' get on board with it!) This mag only comes out every 3-4 months, and I was oh, so happy to discover that the newsstands here on base carry American Magazines, and this one was included! I just picked up this new one today & I am in love with every page!!

Also, I would like to take this moment to show off my awesome version of 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. I drew this for my mom on 'Draw Something' & I think I did a decent job considering I was drawing this on a small iPhone screen.

Okay, and on to the clouds; England really knows how to make clouds. I don't know why it's so different here than it it is anywhere else I've been in the world, but every day I am just in awe of how beautiful they are. I don't even mind that I've hardly seen the sun in the months that I've lived here. The sky seems so much bigger here than in the states (I know, physically impossible!) & so the clouds seem to be bigger and somehow more grand.

I took the above picture while I was driving (gasp!!) but in my defense, I was driving around 15 mph & there were no other cars on the road! So I figured I was safe! This was so strange. It was dark all day, clouds rolling in & out. Then it was dark, but it was also light. It was strange, and I've never experienced anything like it before. 

This is the view out of my living room window. The other day Layla & I were sitting on the couch, Layla was watching cartoons & I was enjoying the constant change of clouds outside.

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