Thursday, July 28, 2011


A few months ago we learned that the Air Force was going to be sending us to RAF Mildenhall for our next tour of duty. This was our number one choice & we are ecstatic that we were able to get this assignment! I've been able to do a little research and have questioned some people who are or were stationed there. I think Jeremy wants to live in post housing, which is not something I'm 100% on board with. I'd much rather find a cute little English cottage to rent for a few years. Preferably something a little on the rural side where I can have a chicken coop as well as a few compost containers. That's what I've been dreaming of anyways! I absolutely cannot wait to get there and start looking at houses. 

One thing I'm really looking forward to doing in England (other than traveling) is going antiquing & hitting up flea markets! I have a few ideas of antiques I'm already collecting & others I'd like to start collecting!

Antiques that catch my eye:

  • tea tins
  • matryoshka dolls
  • handkerchiefs
  • doilies
  • picture frames
  • suitcases
  • furniture
  • tea cups
  • tin lunch boxes
  • cameras
I'd really like to find some antique shelves to hang on my wall so I can display colorful matryoshka dolls and beautiful tea cups. I'd also like an actual desk to work on my crafts. I'd like to find something old & white. I have a few other specific items I'm keeping in mind for when I go antiquing and flea market hunting while in the UK.

I cannot wait to start furnishing & decorating my home with beautiful European antiques. I also cannot wait to find unique gifts to send back to my family & friends for birthdays and holidays!

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