Friday, July 29, 2011

Great Find Friday!

So my dear friend, Melissa,  & I spent the day in Monterey and Pacific Grove. We weren't planning on doing much shopping, just going out to lunch and maybe walking around enjoying our town. Well Monterey had too many tourists running around & we decided to mosey on over to Pacific Grove to check out what I thought was a used book store. Turns out it was an independent book store with not much of a selection, nothing that Melissa was looking for, and too many little, colorful items that Layla couldn't stop picking up and messing with. So we got out of there quickly and decided to stop by 'Animal Welfare Benefit Shop' which is a sweet little consignment shop which, as you may guess from the name, benefits the welfare of local animals. I couldn't NOT go in this shop after knowing that! So we putter around & Layla and I find some cute stuff, but what really catches my eye is this beat up, ugly green shelf. It's exactly what I've been looking for!

One of the things I want to start collecting is Matryoshka dolls, but I don't want to start collecting them until I have something awesome to display them on! So I have been looking for something on a small scale that I can hang in my bedroom. No more than 4 shelves, and no less than 3. Preferably something a bit older that I can paint whatever color that catches my fancy. I've actually been searching for a while, and I basically gave up hope until this ugly little thing caught my eye today! I was thrilled! Plus, it was on $5!!! PERFECT!!

I cannot wait until I get this little thing sanded down and painted. Then I can start collecting cute little treasures from consignment shops & antique stores to proudly display on my latest & greatest find!


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