Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The area I live in isn't great for runners. I don't know why England is so unaccommodating for so many things; running and cycling included. 

My neighborhood is in the middle of nowhere connected to the outside gates of a large Royal Air Force base. To get anywhere outside of my immediate neighborhood you have to go out on the tiniest roads. They barely accommodate cars & lorries, there is absolutely no room for runners and cyclists.

So I've had trouble trying to map out running routes. My mileage hasn't been too high so since I've been here I have either run on a treadmill or, since I'm trying to improve my speed, on the track. It's been fine up until now, but once I get over a recent health scare I'll be upping my mileage & I'm disappointed at how few options I have. 

I can either run on base, but I'm not allowed to run with headphones for safety reasons (something I'm not willing to give up for long distances.) Or I can risk my life trying to run the winding country roads, which honestly I'm scared out of my mind to do (especially if I'm pushing Layla in a jogging stroller!) Or I can just run a million laps around the track (no thanks.)

I've also recently learned that there are footpaths that go between the towns, but I'm a bit worried about running them alone, plus I don't think they will work well with a jogging stroller.

Ugh. I don't know what I'm going to do when I ever need to run anything over 3 miles. I'm going to have nowhere to run.

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