Friday, March 2, 2012

One Step Closer

We've been in this house for almost 2 weeks now & today we are one step closer to being finished with moving in. Usually I am unpacked by about the 3rd day after the movers bring in all of our furniture & boxes, but we've hit a few snags along the way. Our rooms are MUCH smaller than we are used to, & we knew from the beginning that our entire bedroom set wouldn't fit in the master bedroom of this house (I'm using the term "master bedroom" loosely.)

So we had the movers leave our long dresser in the dining room so we could either sell it or figure out what the hell we were going to do with it. As we were unpacking we figured that it would fit in the master bedroom as long we moved the tall dresser out. So today we finally had someone come move the big dresser up the narrow stairs and into our bedroom. It was quite funny watching these two guys try & maneuver that beast up the stairs!

So we finally have a bit more walking around room downstairs, but our table is still in pieces on the floor. The movers somehow lost the hardware to put it back together & we haven't been able to find hardware that fits anywhere! (UK stores carry metric hardware, we need US Standard, so anything we find here will be either slightly too small or too big.) Luckily I have awesome parents who will be sending us the correct hardware as soon as their able to go to the store & pick it up!

My poor little table. (& my poor tablecloth needs to be ironed! It fell behind the table & got a bit wrinkled!!)

x Jenna

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