Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday!

The Weather:
We had a chilly, but sunny day on Saturday, and I'm so glad we took advantage of the sunshine by heading out to Newmarket for some shopping. It was mostly window shopping, but it was nice to walk around outside & not be freezing for once! I did pick up a magazine & found a gold mine of stamps!!
After that nice day it rained all night Saturday & all day Sunday (I even went out & ran on the track in the pouring, freezing rain!) Then a few hours afterwards the snow took over. It accumulated a bit on the lawns, but didn't stick to the roads (SO grateful for that!) & then it warmed up too much for snow, but the wind and rain lasted through the night and morning & it's still going strong this afternoon.
It looks like we'll have rain/snow for the next few days!
I'm okay with that though, I can stay indoors with Layla and get some crocheting done!

On my Reading Pile:
I have a graphic novel of selected short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. I am a huge Poe fan & am getting very excited for the new Poe movie 'The Raven' (staring John Cusack as Poe!!!!) so I've been reading through a few of my favourites.

On My T.V.:
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

On The Menu This Week:
Healthy, homemade baked chicken nuggets
Creamy Avocado Pasta
Baked sweet and sour chicken
Chicken Parmesan (I found a healthy delicious recipe that is easy & simply divine!)
Creamy grilled chicken piccata
Artichoke crusted chicken

On my to do list:
Help Layla clean her room
Clean the kitchen up
Grocery shopping

What I'm crocheting or creating:
Still working on my ripple blanket. I've only been able to sneak in a row here and there every now and then. I'm also working on some flowery bunting for my living room to liven it up. I'm still living in a false sense of spring in spite of the bitter cold taking over.

Looking around the house:
Well the dresser has finally been moved up to my bedroom, and my kitchen table is still in pieces in the dining room. The stacked chairs and table are in the way of organizing my pantry, so I'm having a bit of trouble keeping the kitchen clutter free for now (which is ever so annoying!!!) I did spend Friday night organizing as best as I could as well as giving the counters a good cleaning and sweeping and mopping the floors really well.

From the camera:
I love stamps! I have a few pieces of jewelry made from stamps that my beautiful cousin, Sarah, has made. My absolute favourites are the Great Britain stamps of Queen Elizabeth II's profile. They come in such beautiful colours! This weekend I found an absolute goldmine of used stamps, many of them were Queen Elizabeth, as well as some spiffy stamps with her father, King George VI and some of King Edward VIII. There were some other cool royal ones in there as well. I am going to make something with them, but I'm just not sure what!

Something fun to share:
I was just informed this weekend that about an hour from here there is a Cath Kidston warehouse shop! It's cheaper than the regular stores & it looks like they are stocked up on every print that is normall available, as well as out of season items that have been taken out of stores! Also, since it's a warehouse things are a bit cheaper than normal!! I'm so excited to go have a look around & I'm hoping to be able to go pick up a few goodies for my birthday this summer! Maybe Jer will take me for mother's day =)
So anyone in the Mildenhall/Lakenheath area, if you fancy a trip to St. Neots for some Cath Kidston shopping and lunch, let's plan an outing!! We'll make a day of it!

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  1. That England weather is quite confusing isn't it? LOL

    Love the stamps, my grandfather used to collect them and I loved looking through all the old ones :)

    Hope you're having a good week.